Choices and Options

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There is no such thing as standard – The BushCat is all about choices and options to best suit the customer.


Nose-wheel, tail-dragger, amphibian

Whether you fly from prepared airfields, grass strips, or water, there is a BushCat variant to suit your needs and personal choice. The BushCat nose-wheel is great for low hour pilots who wish to operate in the standard configuration or for people who will fly mostly in an out of prepared asphalt runways. If your application takes you into the rough tundra or bush, the rugged and forgiving tail-dragger will become your best friend. For operations on land and water, we have recently introduced the new BuchCat amphibian variant.

Kit build or factory build

Each BushCat variant is available as a factory built SLSA, or as a home-built ELSA kit. Home built kits require between 200 and 300 hours of assembly, requiring only standard tools and average DIY skills.

Colour schemes

When all is said and done, the BushCat is a fun aircraft, which is why we are proud of our bright and unique colour schemes. The Trilaminate material covering is available in 5 colours: Black, White, Yellow, Blue and orange. We have various layout templates on offer that incorporate these fabric colours. The composite parts of the aircraft can be painted in any colour imaginable – making the exterior look of your BushCat totally customisable. The aircraft can be made to look bright and playful should that be your aim, or perhaps your choice would be a more conservative and less conspicuous one – the choice is all yours. These are just some examples:


The BushCat is just as unique on the inside too. We have a diverse selection of standard instrument panels for our customers to choose from, or if they can’t find what they like, they can design their own panel. All of our panels have universal connectors meaning that they can be easily removed from the aircraft if the owner wishes to make changes to the array of instruments.


Owners of the BushCat tail-dragger can choose between three types of tyre for the main gear:

  • The 800-6 4 ply Carlisle Turf Glide tundra tire
  • The 850-6 6 ply AirTracsuper- tundra tire
  • The 600 x 6” 6 ply Dunlop all round tire (ideal for use on mostly asphalt runways)

The 4 ply Carlisle tires have been used as a standard for both the nose-wheel and tail-dragger configurations, and are still the standard in the former case. However, the AirTrac tundra tire has proven itself on the BushCat tail-dragger in back country USA, Australasia & the South African bushveld, making it a formidable bush warrior.


Based on their great performance when paired with the Rotas 912s engine, BushCat customers are offered the choice between various propellers based on personal preference. The factory fitted options are as follows:

Engine compatability
P-PropRotax 582, Jabiru 2200, Rotax 912S
Warp DriveRotax 912ULS
Kiev PropRotax 912ULS


BRS chute

The BushCat may be fitted with an optional BRS balistic parachute

Twin luggage areas

One of the roles of the BushCat is as a cross country tourer. As such it has ample room for luggage in its two optional luggage areas. The upper luggage area is accessible from the cockpit during flight, while the lower luggage area is accessible though the large fuselage side openings.


In keeping with the customisable theme of the BushCat, there are many exterior light options. Basic wing tip LED lights are considered a minimum however the aircraft can be fitted with wing tip strobes, ident lights or a combination of both. Placing a strobe on top of the vertical stabiliser is also a popular option. – Speak to your area distributor for all options.

Sport pedals and pedal extensions

There is yet more scope to customise your BushCat with the addition of sport pedals. (Nose wheel only). The slightly shorter pilot can might wish to also extend the pedals for a more comfortable reach.

Leather trim

A dark and durable cloth is used as standard to upholster the seats and arm rests of the BushCat however you might prefer the look and feel of genuine leather on your aircraft – speak to a consultant for more info

Lumbar support cushion

The BushCat is a very comfortable aircraft to fly – even on long legs. You may however wish to include our new lumber support cushion on your aircraft for added comfort.

Dust covers

Caring for your BushCat is made easier with the help of a full dust cover. When leaving your aircraft out in the elements for an extended period, to keep it cleaner and less exposed, you may wish to purchase this option.

Instructors stick

For flight school operators. Easily removed. Gives the instructor full control from the right hand seat

Sun shield

A retractable sun shield can be fitted to the cockpit interior roof of the BushCat. Should the mid-day sun be a little unbearable, the shield can be extended in mid-flight in a few seconds.

Tie down kit

The BushCat is made to explore – and explore you will. Remember to take along a heavy duty tie down kit to ensure your BushCat remains exactly where you left it.

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