Service Bulletins

The following service bulletins are all active Please check the applicability of each service bulletin as some may or may not apply to your aircraft.

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Service Bulletin
CH-11-08Wing support bracketsMandatoryBefore further flightCH-088 to CH-097 (inclusive)View/download
CH/001/09-2009Control stick hinge boltMandatoryBefore further flightAll AircraftView/download
CH/002/09-2009Electrical cable gaugeMandatoryBefore further flightAll AircraftView/download
CH/003/12-2009Elevator control arm and tie braceMandatoryBefore further flightAll AircraftView/download
Undercarriage fatigueRecommendedBefore further flightAll Cheetah and Cheetah XLS aircraftView/download
CH/004/08-2011Front fork fatigue cracksMandatoryBefore further flightSee SBView/download
CH/005/04-2018BRS parachute assemblyMandatoryBefore further flightSee SBView/download
SA/006/06-2018Amendments to operating limitationsMandatoryBefore further flightSee SA/DView/download