SkyReach BushCat

Introducing the latest generation offering by SkyReach!

Another chapter in the SkyReach saga unfolds. In our endeavor to manufacture the ultimate bush capable LSA available, our 3rd generation flagship aircraft takes on a new look, a new challenge and a new name.

The BushCat offers all of the great features of previous versions of the aircraft with added refinements and improvements.

Upgrades to the aircraft concentrate mainly on the landing gear with the most noticeable being the introduction of a sprung aluminum gear designed to give the BushCat even more outback capability.

Hydraulic brakes now come as standard greatly reducing required landing distances.

The BushCat is also being used very successfully in anti wildlife poaching patrols in various regions of Africa with more BushCats on order by conservation entities for this very purpose. The BushCat meeting the very specific requirements of these entities.

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