The Factory

At the SkyReach factory we do both fabrication and assembly;

Fabrication departments are responsible for manufacturing individual parts of the BushCat from raw materials before being handed off to the quality control team. The QC team take careful and critical consideration of the manufactured parts in consideration of materials used and conformance to parts drawings – operating with very minimal tolerances. Once the parts are passed by the QC team, they are handed over to our stores.


A production manager overseas the parts orders placed by our stores department to make sure we have a ready supply of parts for both assembly of new aircraft and just as importantly, a large supply of spare parts should they be needed by a client to keep their aircraft airworthy and flying! Although parts coming into our stores are checked for quality before being placed on the shelves, a second quality control is done on all outbound orders.

Sewing department

The BushCat fuselage, wings, and control surfaces are all covered in an extremely durable, lightweight and extremely tough material called Trilam. These covers require cutting to template before being double stitched together with the use of industrial sewing machines. Once completed, and following the approval of our QC team, the covers are then placed into stores awaiting the order from our assembly team.


While all the strength of the BushCat design comes from triangulated aluminium tubing, there is substantial use of composite parts in the finished product. Cowling, wing tips, doors, fairings and wheel pants (spats) etc are hand made in our composite shop to a very high standard. Of course these parts are also subject to a critical QC program before parts are accepted into stores.

Sub assembly and final assembly

Our Sub-Assembly team are – as the name suggests, responsible for putting the smaller assemblies together before they are handed over to final assembly who then bring all the smaller assemblies together to form the BushCat. These teams are made up of some of the most experienced employees in the company with the team leaders having been involved in the company since its inception. Regardless of their experience in building the BushCat, SkyReach policy dictates that after each step in the build process, a QC check will be made to ensure conformance to our stringent quality practices.

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